A US Visa is a permit that allows you to travel to the United States of America. As a foreigner/alien seeking permission to travel to the US, you can apply for over one hundred and fifty (150) diverse types of visas. Here is everything you need to know about United States visas.

Nonimmigrant visa

A nonimmigrant visa is issued for a temporary stay or visit to the US. Nonimmigrant visa categories include,

  • An athlete competing for prize money
  • A business visitorMedical treatment
  • Tourism
  • Student visa

Here is how to apply for a nonimmigrant visa.

Immigrant visa

You are issued with this visa if you intend to immigrate (stay permanently) to the United States. Immigrant visa categories may include, a spouse of a US citizen, the fiancée of a US citizen, and inter-country adoption.

Despite what most people believe, it is important to remember that a visa alone does not guarantee or authorize entry to the US. The US visa is only a preliminary permit that allows you to travel to the US and seek admission. Whether the US grants you admission is solely at the discretion of a Customs & Border Protection (CBP) officer.

A Visa Waiver Program

According to the US government official immigration website, there exists a visa waiver program. The VWP allows citizens of participating countries to travel to the US (either for business or tourism) for three months or less without obtaining a visa first.

However, you must meet all the other requirements in addition to residing in a participating member country. To find out if your country is participating member, you should visit the official website-travel.state.gov.

Visa denial

The US embassy or consulate must interview any visa applicant. The embassy uses this interview to determine whether to approve or deny your visa application.

The embassy bases its denials on a standard set by the United States law. Though the embassy approves a vast number of applications, it also denies some. The embassy often contacts you via your official email to inform you of your application status.

Important: There exists a visa fee that you must pay before the interview. This fee is nonrefundable. That your visa application has been denied does not mean you will get this fee back.

Green Card lottery program

There is a green card lottery program that awards 50,000 green cards to people from all over the world every year. The winners are selected randomly and issued a green card. The green card allows them to live, work and study in the USA.

The US immigration department is often a very fair and considerate institution. They value honesty and transparency. Be honest in your application, maintain relevant documents and stick to your departure time. By doing this, your visa application is bound to be a smooth process.